Financial Analysis & Reporting

We start with the accounting information that you have and convert that data into information that helps you manage your business. Financial projections, financial modeling, what-if scenarios, and more. We also can prepare monthly or quarterly financial reports for lenders and stakeholders, sit-in with you on meetings with your lenders and make presentations when the time is right to seek funding for new projects.

Cash-Flow Forescasting

There is no greater fear in small business ownership than not knowing the future when is comes to cash. Cash is King for a reason. And the more informed that you are regarding your firm’s cash position over the next few weeks and months, the better you can focus on the operational aspects of achieving your goals and dreams. You will sleep better, and so will your lender.

Financial & Operational Dashboards

We know your time is limited, and financial numbers seem to make your eyes glaze over, so let us take the financial information we generate and create key operational dashboards that communicate these core metrics visually. At a glance, you will be able to see sales plotted against your goals, cash balances and forecast, operational data such as units shipped or service calls completed. All within a dashboard screen on your computer, tablet or phone.

Additional services and referrals

We can also provide organizational and management consulting services where our background and experience suits your business needs. And, we partner with other professionals to bring the needed expertise to your business.

Next Steps…

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