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Our Approach

Our Approach

As a former business owner, I know the challenges that you face on a daily basis. Your business may be growing quickly and you recognize the need to add finance talent but can't justify a full-time position. Or, you may be faced with a one-time opportunity and need to approach your lenders for funding. With a background in financial planning and analysis and over 30 years in business management experience, I can fill a temporary or part-time role that lets you focus on the big picture.

Our Story

Our Story

Every door that closes leads to a new open door, and after a successful sale of a small manufacturing business, I would like to apply those years of financial and business ownership experience to help the lives and dreams of others.

Our Location

We are located in Bloomington, Indiana and serve businesses in central and southern Indiana. Other projects in the central U.S. will be considered if it is feasible to accomplish your goals with more limited face-to-face meetings and contact.

Dave Maddock

My life around a small, family-owned business came full circle when I purchased my father's small manufacturing business after spending five years as V.P. Finance for a firm in Dallas, Texas. My degree in Finance from Indiana University Kelly School of Business was not only the key to my success in the finance field, but would turn out to be a critical key to my ability to manage, grow and fund my own business.

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